Monday, April 20, 2009


Its time to try defying gravity!

My mom and I went to Wicked on Saturday night and it was so amazing! we had so much fun! It was both our first time seeing it and we couldn't believe the ending! If any of you haven't seen it I would highly suggest you go! and if you don't have tickets don't worry! Because every night two hours before a show they do a drawing... you just put your name in it and they draw ten people to recieve two tickets each for the Front row! You have to pay 25 bucks for the tickets though. But freak its worth it! haha we had a blast! The actors were so great too! My mom and I spent loads of money at the gift shop part of it haha we got some sweet shirts and keychains!

The best part of the night was when this old man came up to me and my mom and said we looked like Galinda and Elphaba because I had blonde curly hair with a frufy dress on and my mom had dark hair with a green shirt on! haha It was really funny...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's Finally happened!

Steven and I are now ENGAGED!
I'm sure by now all of you have already checked out my Mom's blog and read about how it happened and saw all the cute pictures. So I don't need to go into great detail about much. Just that I am now going to slowly shift the blogging from this blog to the one of me and Steven. I already have one going so you can check it out. It's called Also I have a link on the side of this one if you just click the picture of us. But through the next 4 months I'll tell all about the exciting things that come along with planning a wedding! hopefully it wont be too stressful! I expect to see you all at the wedding!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A new year with new adventures.

I'm Finally 19!
It seems so weird a whole year has come and gone. I think of life a year ago and I have completely changed! High school was great but I love the life I have now. College is great! I love the girls I live with and I wouldn't trade them for anything else! We have so much fun together... on my birthday they treated me like a princess! (my mom has all the pictures and fun things we did on her blog. I have a link to hers so go check them out!) My roommates made me wear a pink sash that said Birthday Girl haha it was great!
We had lots of fun with birthday cake and eating out all over the place! I swear I gained about 17 pounds this past week from all the eating out! We have been to Olive Garden, Cafe Rio, Firehouse and Center Street Grill! ha I have certianly been eating well for any of you that were worried.. haha But my birthday week was a crazy one! I'm in a great class called intro to family and consumer science (and for all that don't know that's actually my major) but in the class we have to learn how to do a food demonstration in front of the class and mine was due the day after my birthday! So birthday night I was up super late going over what I would say and practicing it for my roommates! they loved it specially because they got to taste my great food! I made white chocolate popcorn and it turned out great! My class loved it and I was certainly a hit. I also got to go to lunch with my mom and my sisters AND my dad. It was so good to see all of them!
I was a little sad I couldn't see Steve but he promised he would make it up to me. AND DID HE EVER! If you want to hear all about it I also have a link to a blog all about me and him, you can go read all about it and look at some of the pictures!
I love my birthday for another very special reason.. because its so close to the greatest holiday ever! I am absolutely in love with Valentine's day. Mostly because I just adore everything that has to do with being in love. So Valentine's day was a great one for me too! I was able to go home which is always a blast. I also got to see Steven and we had a great time that day! I always get bored if I write things more than once so once again... go ahead and go take a look at the great Valentine's day we had.
All in all this past week was such a fun one! I got to spend a 3 (which turned into 4) day weekend with my family and I loved it! The drive back up wasn't so great because of the wonderful snow! But I'm now back up in Logan safe and sound. I'm sure I'll be stuck up here for a couple weeks too! This weekend we get to have a great time with Mardi Gras. So check back at the first of the week to hear all about that great adventure!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Pictures from the modern stay in Wyoming!

We stayed at Amanda's house like I said earlier and her house was amazing! some of the pictures are from the cool arcitechural things in her house and our fun trip to jackson!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend in Wyoming

Well this weekend has been a crazy one! my roommates and I decided to make a fun weekend trip and visit Wyoming! My roommate Amanda's family lives up here and her house just barely got remodeled. we were so excited to check it out and couldn't wait to spend the three day weekend with her family! Rachael (my other roommate) and I were excited to go because we haven't really been to Wyoming. Rachael is from Boise Idaho and usually keeps to her own side of the state :). well we started our fun adventure after school on Friday and we thought it wouldn't take too much time. little did me and Rachael know it was going to turn into an all night thing! we both crashed in the back seat for a couple of hours while Amanda and her boyfriend Todd sat in the front and did their own thing.
We stopped in Rexburg Idaho and took a look at a friends appartment. It was so fun to be back there because that was the place where I made all my summer memories at EFY! and if you have read my extended blog about my boyfriend Steven, you would know thats the place where we met! so i was really glad we got to take a peak.
A couple of weeks ago I visited my family for a day or so and my mom said I needed to take some ORANGES back up to utah state... well I accidentally took the entire box and was stuck with about 25 oranges! so we decided to take some on the trip so we can eat them all before they go bad! So we kept ourselves entertained with eating them all the way up.
We finally made it to Alta (Amandas hometown) by like 6! when we got to her house we were amazed at how beautiful it is! ill have to post some pictures because it really is an amazing house! but we met her family and they are all so cute. we were so glad to be at a home where we got to eat great dinner! and her mom is a great cook.
well saturday we decided to go to JACKSON and check out all there is to do there. we got some great OLD TIME PHOTOS. we had so much fun dressing up in the saloon girl costumes and we all felt a little bit like hookers but it was a great time. that took up most of our time and by the time we got done we only had a couple of hours to spend there. we went shopping through some cute shops and got some great Haagen-dazs! then we decided to make a little memories of our great Jackson trip so we took some pictures in front of the famous big buffalo! and of course we had to take some with the big antler arch! all in all we had a great time playing around the city! the drive there and back was pretty long but so beautiful! we saw many hitchhikers wanting a ride back up the mountian because they loved to ski down it. we got to see the teton mountains, which I learned came from an indian word that means big breasted woman haha. when we got back we played some guitar hero WORLD TOUR and I actually didnt like it as much as our rock band. so good job santa for picking that one out for us! haha
now its sunday and we just got back from church. it was so funny to see how small the ward was and how people dress here! it was a great meeting though. ill have to post what happens with the rest of our weekend in Wyoming! we may take a crack at some homework, or work out in Amanda's family gym haha who knows! keep posted to see what happens next in the exciting life of college kids! ha

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I am now a blogger!

Hey everyone I am now added to the blogger world! I decided it was time to join in the fun. I also think this will be a great way to stay connected to the fam while I am up at Utah State! This is my first year away from home and sometimes its hard. I love my family too much! haha My mom is by far my best friend.. and I know sometimes she misses me lots ha. But I cant wait to become pro with the blogging! keep checking back for the fun and interesting things that come from being in college!