Monday, April 20, 2009


Its time to try defying gravity!

My mom and I went to Wicked on Saturday night and it was so amazing! we had so much fun! It was both our first time seeing it and we couldn't believe the ending! If any of you haven't seen it I would highly suggest you go! and if you don't have tickets don't worry! Because every night two hours before a show they do a drawing... you just put your name in it and they draw ten people to recieve two tickets each for the Front row! You have to pay 25 bucks for the tickets though. But freak its worth it! haha we had a blast! The actors were so great too! My mom and I spent loads of money at the gift shop part of it haha we got some sweet shirts and keychains!

The best part of the night was when this old man came up to me and my mom and said we looked like Galinda and Elphaba because I had blonde curly hair with a frufy dress on and my mom had dark hair with a green shirt on! haha It was really funny...

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